Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two days

The day before yesterday,I went to Tokyo Diseny Land with my friends:-)We went to there by using after6 passport(The passport can be used only 6.p.m-10.p.m)
The purpose of going there was to see the parade.we enjoyed seeing the parade and also riding on some rides. Cinderella castle was very beautiful and fantastic!!But I regret that we couldn't take picture with any disney characters:-(
And I bought some gifts for my family. I put on "YUKATA" So,I was very tired and ached all over...Can you see the photo which I put on it??
Also, I want to go to Disney World in America very much!!

Yesterday, I went to fireworks!!The weather was unfavorable for fireworks but it was very very beautiful!!It continued 70minutes without rests.I put on
"YUKATA" two days in a row. It was so hard for me. But I decided that I put on it everytime when I go to see fireworks. It is my policy:-D So I was very satisfied.
I enjoy summer vacation so much:-)

I'll show or send you the photos:-) I took many pictures of this two days!


Nina Liakos said...

Hi Misa!
Why does wearing yukata make you tired and sore? I thought it would be comfortable (compared to a kimono, anyway).
I would like to see a picture of you wearing yukata. Can you upload a picture to your blog?
As for your vacation photos, why not make some slideshow albums at Bubbleshare and post them on the blog, too? I am sure we would all love to see them.
Hugs from sunny Maryland,

Nikki said...

Misa, Misa!
Please, please, please post a picture of you wearing yukata! = )