Tuesday, August 5, 2008

very long day

We talked with students studying at the University of Maryland. I talked with two girls who are the same age as me. They study Japanese hard. I’m happy because they said “someday we want to go to Japan and touch Japanese culture.” We talked about a lot of things such as music, family and hobby and so on. They showed me their textbook. The contents of it were almost the same as the book I used at the English class in junior high school. After, we went to the Kennedy center. It was very big and beautiful building. I listened to jazz music there. It was the first time I listen to jazz music. I was surprised because it was free concert. In Japan, such event is very few. And we ate dinner at the sushi bar. Its tastes were different from Japanese one. After we ate dinner, we went back to our hotel by using metro. In that train, I was spoken to men suddenly. We talked until we arrived at the station we get off. Lastly, he gave to me a paper written his email address. It was so strange experience for me!! We backed to our hotel very late. So I was so sleepy. After all, I went to bed at 2 o’clock><


Kyoko said...

Hi! You had a very rare experience! It was so nice. I hope you get a boyfriend in America!!

Nikki said...

It was fun talking with you yesterday at the Metro. It is interesting to talk about the "dating culture" in Japan and America.

Nina Liakos said...

Haha, I found it (blush)!
The Kennedy Center offers those free Millenium Stage concerts every day--isn't that great! A few years ago, the KC was criticized for being too elitist (tickets were too expensive for most of the people who live in Washington, DC, the majority of whom are low-income African Americans). The Millenium Stage was their answer. I don't think they have been particularly successful at recruiting those low-income District residents, but a lot of other people take advantage of these free concerts, which is nice.

If strange men try to pick you up in the metro, my advice is to ignore them and get back to your group ASAP! It's fine to chitchat with Americans that you meet, but be wary of people who try to get you to go somewhere with them.

I hope you will go to bed earlier in the future so that you will be awake for class at 9 a.m.!


Ai said...

Hi, Misa!

You succeeded to upload your face picture! Great^^!!

You could speak English a lot yesterday, right!? I also fell asleep in the metro and WAS SLEEPING in fact, hehehe^^ I'm happy to hear that you really enjoy your tour.


Joseph / Nosson said...

As I thought, Nanpashte.....

Just kidding! Hope he didn't scare you too much!

tomoko said...

Hi, I saw the scene when you had very rare experience! It' very interesting for me.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Misa!
It seems that you had a wonderful time talking with the students who study Japanese at the UM, right? That's really nice~!

I hope you sleep well, and please don't be late for the class! ^^