Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pentagon City

We heard Dr.Hallion’s lecture about the history of American diplomacy. Then, some of the things she said, I have already studied when I was a student for an examination. So they were easy to understand for me. After the class, I met Joe and he took me to the Chinese food shop (maybe..). And I drank “bubble tea”. It called “TAPIOKA” in Japan and the taste was so good!
In the afternoon, we went to Pentagon City Mall. There was a big shopping mall. I bought some items. But I couldn’t buy anything for my family and classmates. So, I have to buy many foods as souvenir><;


Nikki said...

Hi, Misa!
Next week we will visit an American supermarket where you can buy sweets and food for your friends and family back home. = )

Ai said...

Hi, Misa!

Wow, what a smart you are that you could understand Dr. Marie's lecture! I couldn't understand her lecture completly because her English and contents were difficult for me>< Probably she worked at United Nations before retiring... Anyway, she is great^^

You tried "BUBLE TEA", right!? How did you like it!? I love banana fravor, so if you have a chance to go there, try it~~!!


Hiromi said...

Hello again, Misa!
Going shopping sounds really nice, and it seems that you enjoyed being there! ^^