Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's been a long time!

I haven't written my blog long because I was busy..

Recently, we chatted with Nina and mentors. I enjoyed chatting and remenbered America.I wanted to talk more with them.
And AGUers had homeworks related to the program in America.we had to write the difference between Japan and America about plitics or economics or cultures with 1000words!!Although my department is international politics, I wote about the cultural difference...I haven't enough knowlegdes of politics:-( It was very hard work for all AGUers!I have finished it the day before.

Since Sep.22, our class have started. For me, the hardest class is Russian.
Russian is verry hard because its letters aren't alphabet. We had to learn how to pronounce each letters.
And first of all, our teacher often say terrible words. Our class has only 7 students!! So teacher always call on all of us. We can't relax during the class. And If I forget to doing my assingment....I can't cheat my teacher....I don't want to imagine:-(
But the end of the former semester, the teacher gave us the tichet of circus!! I was very happy bacause I haven't ever been to circus. However, I was tied up so I couldn't go to circus:-( What a pity!
Also our teacher said that he is going to take us to Russian restaurant the end of this semester!I can't wait:-)

Friday, August 29, 2008


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Enjoy summer vacation!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two days

The day before yesterday,I went to Tokyo Diseny Land with my friends:-)We went to there by using after6 passport(The passport can be used only 6.p.m-10.p.m)
The purpose of going there was to see the parade.we enjoyed seeing the parade and also riding on some rides. Cinderella castle was very beautiful and fantastic!!But I regret that we couldn't take picture with any disney characters:-(
And I bought some gifts for my family. I put on "YUKATA" So,I was very tired and ached all over...Can you see the photo which I put on it??
Also, I want to go to Disney World in America very much!!

Yesterday, I went to fireworks!!The weather was unfavorable for fireworks but it was very very beautiful!!It continued 70minutes without rests.I put on
"YUKATA" two days in a row. It was so hard for me. But I decided that I put on it everytime when I go to see fireworks. It is my policy:-D So I was very satisfied.
I enjoy summer vacation so much:-)

I'll show or send you the photos:-) I took many pictures of this two days!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Japan

Now,I typed this blog in my room. I can't realize that I'm in Japan. I want to stay in America more days!
In the airplain, I remenbered many things I experienced in America and I cried again>< There are no American and English around me. I realized that there are many kinds of people in America and Japan is very humid!! And Japanese foods are really delicious:-)
If I have any opportunities to go to America or any foreigh countries someday,absolutely I meet you!! Thanks to three mentors(Joe,Mike and Nikki)and Nina and Heather(and everyone helped us!!) I could lead a wonderful days:-) I'll miss you,but I never forget everything!!
I'll keep touch with you through this blog or Email.

Thank you very much for 16days!!

(Maybe I made a lots of mistakes in this post, sorry)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

big store

We went to Hornbake Library and looked many old books. I was surprised because there were so many old Japanese books in the library. A librarian taught us interesting things.
Afterwards we went bowling. I played with Ayumi, Sahori, Nobuya and Masahiro. First, I didn’t want to play because I’m not good at playing bowling. But, especially this game I’m very god at playing bowling. My score was 149:-) I was a champion!!
And we went to Targets in order to buy our souvenirs. It was very big shops and there were many kind of things I bought some foods for my family and friends. I satisfied because I could buy what I wanted to buy. I want to ate them fast^^b

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Capitol building

After we ate lunch, we went to Washinton, DC and saw many capitol buildings. There were very big and almost of them were white. We walked a lot around there. In the capital, there were lots of bronze statues in it but I didn’t know their names almost all of them. And we stood the center of the washinton.DC. It was a rare experience for us!And then, we went back to CP in order to eat dinner. We ate Middle Eastern food and it was so delicious! I want to eat it again!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go to Nikki's house

We went to the Voice of America and looked around in. There were many rooms and people and a lot of equipment. I could know a little about broadcast media.
We got back to our hotel, and then I and Kyoko and saaya went to Nikki’s apartment. We saw her many photos and were surprised because not so many Japanese collect many photos. We also played Mario cart. It was very fun! Her apartment was large. After, we went to Nikki’s house. It was pretty big!! I want to live such house someday. We enjoyed playing many games, eating delicious foods and talking. Nikki’s families were so kind people. They welcomed us warmly. We could spend very good time at Nikki’s house!!