Saturday, August 2, 2008

At the airport

There are various kinds of people in America. At the airport, I thought, there were many persons whose skins are black. For example, when I entered the USA, I asked some questions by the men whose skin was black. What’s your propose in America? Are you visiting alone? I was tempered at that time, but I barely answered such questions. So I could pass the gate. It was my first experience to enter another country.


Nikki said...

In the United States, people of all different races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds live here and come to visit. Throughout the trip you will learn more and more about our diverse culture.

Nina Liakos said...

Unlike the Japanese, Americans come in many colors. We have different religious beliefs, too. Diversity is a big part of America. Without our immigrants, we would not have become such a rich and powerful country. (Maybe I am prejudiced because all of my grandparents were immigrants, and so is my husband!)

Of course most African-Americans did not immigrate here of their own free will but were brought here to work as slaves. It is a black mark on our history.

Ai said...

Nice to meet you in blog, Misa^^

I'm Ai, a member of AGU 2007. How is your impression after arriving in Maryland!?

I also felt same thing as you. There are many kinds of people in America. Japanese, including me, feel like "I worry I can doing well in abroad..." because Japanese have only little oppotunities to contact with many kinds of people. So, this tour is the CHANCE for you to know about various people^^


KANA.Y said...

Hi Misa:) I am a member of AGU 2007.

This program is really great to learn American culture. You should have great time in UM with great teachers, mentors and new friends!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Misa! This is Hiromi.
I enjoyed reading your post, thsnks!

I think that visiting a country that is diverse like the US gives you a new perspective on how you look at the world!

Sachi said...

At the airport, I was asked "How are you?" only.^^ I was surprised that there are many kinds of people here, too.