Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's been a long time!

I haven't written my blog long because I was busy..

Recently, we chatted with Nina and mentors. I enjoyed chatting and remenbered America.I wanted to talk more with them.
And AGUers had homeworks related to the program in America.we had to write the difference between Japan and America about plitics or economics or cultures with 1000words!!Although my department is international politics, I wote about the cultural difference...I haven't enough knowlegdes of politics:-( It was very hard work for all AGUers!I have finished it the day before.

Since Sep.22, our class have started. For me, the hardest class is Russian.
Russian is verry hard because its letters aren't alphabet. We had to learn how to pronounce each letters.
And first of all, our teacher often say terrible words. Our class has only 7 students!! So teacher always call on all of us. We can't relax during the class. And If I forget to doing my assingment....I can't cheat my teacher....I don't want to imagine:-(
But the end of the former semester, the teacher gave us the tichet of circus!! I was very happy bacause I haven't ever been to circus. However, I was tied up so I couldn't go to circus:-( What a pity!
Also our teacher said that he is going to take us to Russian restaurant the end of this semester!I can't wait:-)


Nina Liakos said...

Hi Misa! It was great to chat with you last week! See you on Oct. 25, okay?

I would be really interested in reading your essay about the cultural differences in Japan and the US. If you wrote it in English, can you send it to me? Or post it here?

Did you know that I majored in Russian when I was in college (so many years ago!)? So I know what you mean about Russian being difficult. Is this your first semester of Russian? Since your teacher gave out circus tickets last year, maybe you started it last semester. I love the Russian language (although I must admit I have forgotten how to speak it). Good luck with your studies! And don't worry about the alphabet--soon it will seem as natural to you as the Latin (English) one.

Hugs from beautiful, sunny Maryland!

Ayumi said...

I know your Russian teacher!! I have heard that he is terrible. That's too bad:-( Good luck!

Nikki said...

Misa, Misa,

Hi pretty lady. I'm sorry you've been so busy with school work. I'm also really busy, but I'm also enjoying myself. how about you? Besides going to class and doing assignments, what else have you been doing to keep yourself busy?